Private Coaching

Sometimes a group class isn’t what you are looking for–maybe you’d prefer a personalized, one-on-one program to support your unique needs.

This 1:1 time together is dedicated to helping you realize, rewire, and release what is in the way of your dreams.

Unlocking Your Growth

During our time together, we will identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and rewire those thoughts to support what you want. Using a variety of tools and teachings from 20 years of behavioral training and energy work, I will help you clear fear-based thinking, build confidence and tap into your inner knowing.

Each session ends with an action plan of steps to empower you on your path.

About My Style

You’ll find my coaching style direct and supportive. I am your biggest cheerleader and hold the space for you to explore those areas of your life you want to develop. I will push you to achieve, take action and move forward when the time is right (and I’ll help you learn how to know when that time is).

Whether you have a particular goal in mind or are just feeling stuck in repetitive emotional patterns, private coaching offers you a personalized way to get unstuck.

$597 for three, 45 minute sessions

Free Consult