Motivation for Action

Part inspiration. Part get-out-there-and-grow. Erica will make a lasting impression on your event attendees by delivering an inspiring AND actionable message that people leave believing in and wanting to implement immediately.

She translates complex and often overwhelming concepts around change, behavior, and personal growth into easily digestible steps while inspiring you to want to learn the process through humor and her panache for storytelling.

Your Custom Messaging

She will work with you to identify your goals and desired outcomes for the speaking engagement, and then in partnership with you design a bespoke presentation for your event, including custom branded support tools, a customized implementation plan, and a leadership action outline for ongoing coaching and accountability after the speaking event concludes.

You will have a turnkey, ready-to-go plan in place the moment she steps off the stage that your attendees know how to use and follow.

A Speaker They HEAR

From the UK to Japan, from Montreal to Silicon Valley, Erica has captivated audiences all over the world. This is your chance to join the ever-growing list of businesses and organizations that have achieved growth and goals they never thought were possible before hiring Erica. Reach out today to book a free consultation to discuss your event and how she can help you create an unforgettable event that makes a lasting impact.

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