Hi, I'm Erica

Making you fearless is my obsession.
Global training guru, empowerment coach and a woman passionate about helping you unstick your life– I’ll help you release, rewire and realize your full potential.

Unique Strengths:

  • 20 years experience in Corporate Behavior Training– partnered with Energy Work– means I deliver a solid balance of Do and Woo.
  • Creator of The Emotional Prework curriculum, I focus on the mindset restrictions that hold you back.
  • Ability to “find the fear”. As people talk, I can quickly and easily find the fear- based thinking that is holding them back. It is my gift I use to help them grow.
  • Learning agility. I learn quickly, adapt and share easily, making training easy for me (and more fun for your team).
  • Compelling, clear content delivery (they say I’m like a walking cliff note, but more inspiring).

Who am I to help take back control of your life?

My life of fear was a slow progression, from childhood worries to college anxiety to a constant state of worry. I had no idea how much my life had been shut down due to fear. I didn’t want to try new foods. I didn’t want to go somewhere I hadn’t been before. I just didn’t want to try “new” and had lots of excuses why.

I didn’t realize my life was being run by fear because that wasn’t the emotion that surfaced. It was run by frustration, judgment, worry and a constant desire to control all the details. The more I tried to control, the unhappier I became.

My struggle with fear reached its peak when my marriage ended and my life, that I had tried so hard to control, collapsed. My divorce woke me up. I realized that my entire life had been closed down due to fear and I had the chance to rebuild. I began my work to understand Fear’s power over the mind… and how to take that power back.

My goal is to teach you how to have that same fearlessness. It is freedom.

  • Credentials

    Through 20 years in a corporate position delivering sales and education tools to help people achieve their goals, I’ve helped people achieve financial freedom, gain job skills training, expand their leadership skills and overall lead a happier life because they are more successful at work.With a degree in business, I continue to grow and expand through self exploration.

    I have certifications in consulting, instructional design and training and development, as well as yoga certifications in Hatha, Yin, chair and children’s yoga. If a topic interests me, I want to master it.

    I am continuously exploring new ideas through books, online learning and my own mentors. New learnings are quickly added to my approach and curriculum, helping me constantly evolve my approach and offerings.

    I care deeply about helping others work through their resistance so that they can embrace their life and live with joy.

You can stay.
Or you can grow.

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